Men in white coats

There is this funny comedian named Anjelah Johnson, my wife and I really enjoy her shows. In one of her shows she mentions how she takes medical advice from anyone wearing scrubs. Scrubs are a type of overalls doctors and nurses wear however anyone can buy and wear scrubs some daycare teachers wear scrubs to daycare.

In 1916 Nathan Handwerker was looking for a way on Conney Island to sell his hot dogs. Nathan understood the respect that doctors garnered on Conney Island and used this to his company, Nathans Famous Hotdogs”, benefit. Nathan hired folks to eat his hotdogs while wearing white coats. Doctors and lab technicians wear these white lab coats quite often. Nathan never really made a statement that doctors endorsed his hotdogs but allowed everyone to assume it. Like scrubs, lab coats can be purchased by anyone. At a factory I used to work out the employees on the floor wore lab coats when they dealt with insulation.

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It can be tempting to trust people that we believe have authority however how we authenticate this is very important. a uniform does not make someone an expert their actions and knowledge does though.

Sometimes it is ok to be like someone from the state of Missouri and ask someone to show you how and why they are an expert.

God is….

Back in 2003, you remember that year right? 2003, Netflix hadn’t started streaming yet, as a matter of fact, Netflix was only 6 years old. I only mention Netflix because in 2003 me and my good friend binge watched a disc set of a tv show called Miracles.

In the show Miracles Skeet Ulrich played an investigator looking for proof of miracles by God. Skeets character witnessed writing in blood, also known as hemography, the message written in blood is God is Now here. Others around the world witnessed the same thing however when they reported what happened they read the message as God is Nowhere. Skeet asked someone why they read it that way and the other character said how it was read said more about the people reading it than the message.

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will

Zig Ziglar

We are often faced with many things we cannot control however the one thing we can control is our attitude and a positive one goes a long way. A lot of times it can be very hard to be positive but with practice and education it becomes easier.

For example, if we say, “It’s absolutely freezing today! I’ll probably catch a cold before the end of the day!” then our words expose a negative attitude. But if we say, “The temperature is very cold” (a simple statement of fact), then our expressions, and therefore attitude, are not negative. Sustaining an alert state in which self-awareness becomes possible gives us a chance to discover the origins of negativity. In doing so, we also have an opportunity to arrive at a state of positiveness, so that our words and deeds are also positive, making others feel comfortable, cheerful, and inspired

H.E. Davey
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It’s Everything

My wife and I have been married for three years now, we dated for 9 years and I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it. It’s true I am very very lucky. I remember early on while we were dating and talking about our lives before we meet each other we realized that we had been at the same concerts and other venues and never ran into each other. That’s when she told me it’s all about timing.

She was right timing is very important.

Timing is everything with relationships.

Rashida Jones
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I have lived through some stretches in life where it has felt like I have had the timing off. Just a little to soon or a tad to late however looking back even those moments where I was “off” were not wasted. I needed to fail and not get the jobs I applied for so that I could learn more and get to where I am now.

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

Bill Gates

My failures have taught me to understand when the right moments are and that the moment that matters the most is the moment that we are all in right now.

be mindful of the future but not at the expense of the moment

Qui Gon Jinn

Make today the best day you possibly can and if it is not working out just remember… chances are high that your timing could be off.

Killing time

Trauma is a rough thing for everyone. When trauma happens to a group like a family the survivors of the trauma face a lifetime of guilt.

There is a new tv series that I am in love with named Silo. The tv series is based on the book trilogy named WOOL and if you are not watching this you should start great series. In the show Silo a young girl lost her mother, and little brother. The girl escapes her life with her father to work as a mechanic. Her father finds her and asks if she is happy

Are you happy here? I start work hours before the lights cycle to day. I eat lunch standing up. And if I’m lucky, I get a half-an-hour break. Every night, I am exhausted. I fall asleep before my head hits the cot. Are you happy, Juliette? I’m happy I really don’t have time to think about Mom or Jacob.

Silo Season 1 episode 4

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Work is often a way to cope and deal with trauma for many people however it does not seem to be a healthy way to deal with trauma or loss. Often times the best thing to do is get professional help when dealing with trauma or loss. The emotions surrounding trauma and loss are huge and life changing and shouldn’t be avoided or faced alone. There is no shame in reaching out for help.

Facing our feelings head on is scary but it is also healthy and good for a our mental health. Avoidance makes the trauma and loss worse and can do damage to our mental health.

Facing our demons is not easy but it is possible.

If you or someone you know needs help and live in the United States they can reach out to

or call

(916) 392-0664

Toll Free: (800) 646-7322

The most important thing is that they/you get help and in a healthy way work through this.

What does it take

If you live in the United States of America chances are high that you will live in the same economic status that you and your parents are born into. The American dream of rising out of poverty or even moving up in the ones socioeconomic status is highly unlikely. In the United States, less than 50% of children born in the 80’s will out earn their parents.. I find this statistic interesting and a complete bummer. Why has social mobility gone down every year since the 1940’s?

That is a big question with lots of moving parts. society is a group of people living together in an ordered community and there are lots of parts in that society that can and do influence socioeconomic mobility in that society. Guess what is currently the number one driving force behind socio economic mobility in a society?

Did you guess? What was your answer? Was it crime or lack of? Was it education? Was it natural resources or access to them? Well the answer is (insert drum roll here)…. COMMUTE TIME TO WORK!! Yeah my mind is also blown something that simple seems to make all the difference. Long commute times work to keep society in poverty. Lack of mobility creates a lack of socio economic mobility.

So what can we do? I quit a job with an hour and a halve commute two years ago and traded for a 10 minute commute and have never been happier. I understand that not everyone has that luxury though. Stronger, good communities provide robust public transportation. Good communities are made up of citizens who participate in them. I know you are tired form the long commute but if you can get active and attend local town hall and county meetings, this is where the public transportation is often shelved in the United States of America and this is where you, the good citizen, needs to be heard. “Hey guys who are already in the upper class, if we shelf this transportation plan, no one will reach the status you are at now.”

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Cities cannot afford to not have good, clean and safe transportation. It is possible and will happen eventually don’t you want to be able to say that you drove this change?

Left.. no Right.. Ok Straight Ahead..

Daily writing prompt
What gives you direction in life?

The Apple watch has a compass app on it and the app has an amazing feature called back track. The app will trace your route as you walk/hike and then play that route back to you so that you can get back to where you started.

When I was in the US Army Global positioning Satellites were first being brought on line and used to do the same thing as the watch and the back track option. I have a very poor sense of direction and because of that I have been on some Amelia Bedelia style adventures. I have never been so lost though that I have not found my way home.

What then is home?

Home is where the Heart is

Pliny the Elder

My heart is with my loved ones, my immediate and extended family is my heart and home. We may fight and disagree but we have and I really believe will always love each other and that is what gives me direction is love.

1 Corinthians 13:4–8a (ESV) Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. 

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Love is the promise that guides me

Dan Fogelberg
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After that first cup

Daily writing prompt
When do you feel most productive?

My favorite place to be is anywhere my wife is, other than those places I truly enjoy the grocery store or market right after the store or market has first opened up. There is a fresh feeling in the air. All the vendors have their food and wares out for purchase and the most fresh, ripe and best are prominently displayed. The employees are well rested and the food is freshly picked and washed. The grocery store or market is great in the early morning. There is hope that comes from seeing and buying something that was just harvested.

My favorite time of the day is the morning. I love that hopeful fresh feeling. At work when I can, I try to get most of my “hard” work done in the morning. I drink my coffee and attack the day. After morning is over the rest of the day is spent helping others and getting ready for tomorrow.

After my first cup of coffee I can do anything! Oh and so can you!

More than 5 Less than 7

The six word story is something I became interested in as of yesterday. The six word story is that.. a story told in just six words. For fun go ahead and Google (love how this word is now a verb or even a word at all), six word story examples. You are in for a treat my friend.

The most famous six word story is a bit of a bummer and attributed to Ernest Hemmingway, not sure if he actually wrote it but here is the story;

“For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.”

Powerful but a complete bummer, right? I tried to remember a six word story that was more up beat and I came up with a lyric from a Jay Z song;

“I came, I saw I conquered”

I like that. I hope this can be said for your day today and mine to. I tired to think of a good six word story to encourage anyone reading this and I came up with this;

“Make Today Better for everyone meet”

Look I am no Hemmingway. I found a master class on six word stories and this gem was in the class;

Google: how to inflate a liferaft!

Ha, got to love dark humor! I think I like the idea of six word story because it is making an impression in six words. Less is always more. Words are wonderful but too many words are counter productive. Action for others service is what speaks the loudest and makes the biggest difference in your own life and your communities. On that note I will leave with my most recent six word story.

“Words; less than action be more”

The last two weeks

For the last two week my wife and I were on vacation. My cousin, his wife and two kids let us stay in their spare bedroom and just have a great time. Thanks Tim and Stefania you two are the best!

The vacation gave my wife and I time to rest, recharge and reconnect.

In 1926 Henry Ford used labor and the automated assembly line to build cars. While his employees worked H4enry researched it was through this research that the 40 hour work week was discovered. That is right the forty hour work seek was optimal in 1926 for auto workers to be the most efficient employees and is now being used for almost every business sector in the world in 2023. That’s pretty wild when you think about it right?

With the changes to the modern workplace there is a movement underway for a 6 hour work day and in Sweden researchers have discovered that a six hour work day boosts the employees productivity, energy and happiness when compared with an 8 hour work day.

Maybe it is time for some big names like Henry Ford to work for getting a 30 hour work week instead of 40 hour work week. This new schedule should be a win win for everyone. I am however not holding my breath. In the United States of America there is a bill for the 32 hour work week, however this bill seems to be stalled. With knowledge and some empathy this bill may make it through.

Until we do get the 32 hour work week and even after I would certainly advise that everyone take at least one two week vacation a year.

Even the little ones

Big ideas, big projects and new times. I have two ideas that today have become projects for me. Before today the projects were just ideas but I made two small steps that transformed those ideas into tangible items projects. I have a whole bunch of steps to take before the projects are fully manifested but.. I want to celebrate!

When you are involved in a project, it is important to celebrate the small steps. Small steps matter a lot. Small steps lead to bigger steps and then victory.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Lao Tzu

Here is a great article that outlines the importance of the small steps.

Know this today is the day to take the first (even if it is small) step towards starting and completing the project that you will finish. One more thing to note, when you complete and while you are completing that first step on your major project I am cheering for you from the cheap seats.

Go insert your name here! You are crushing this!!

Me (in the cheap seats)