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Scientists and researchers call it the Hawthorne effect. Management at the Hawthorne Electric plant just outside of Chicago wanted to understand how they could make workers become more effective. Changes were made to the working conditions and then researchers measured the employees productivity after the changes. After every change the researchers noticed higher productivity levels followed by a return to the productivity levels prior to the change.

Turns out if a change is made and observed the act of observing the participants makes the change work. The Hawthorne effect is an observer effect. The observer effect is the fact that observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes it.

Quantum Physics has been dealing with the Observer effect for years. Here is an interesting interview about the observer effect and Quantum Physics.

My wife tells the kids that there are cameras everywhere they go. Skate park, cameras there, mall, McDonalds, the city park, cameras everywhere. She doesn’t do this to instill fear she does this because she knows that the observer effect works and she wants them on their best behavior.

My mom would tell me that God is always watching and my dad would tell me that you can never get away from yourself. Holding yourself accountable requires a pretty high amount of self awareness and pragmatism. My wife has often told me that I cannot expect the world to be as self aware as I am (maybe this was a compliment I think it was more of a be easier on people and set some lower expectations).

Someone is always observing and measuring us, maybe it is you and family members, and friends. It is definitely family members and friends but not always you and really I think it should be us measuring ourselves against ourselves.

My son ran for school and he would have his numbers for his 3 and 5 mile runs on printouts he would show me. Some of the lines had the letters PB on them. I asked him what the letters meant and he said Personal Best. Ourselves that is our best measure and the one we should all be using. Did we do better? Did we meet our goals? Are we improving?

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You can and will get better, just be patient with your self and measure what you are doing and have done. If you just get 1 % better a day in about 1/3 of a year you will be 100 % better than when you started!

Change then change again then change again then …

Ok, Last week I mentioned that I was changing the day that I published my podcast. The change was going to be from Wednesdays to Fridays. Well if you are paying attention you will notice that the change did not happen. Friday came and went with no podcast. Why did this happen or happen? Obviously, I’m a liar, well that’s part of it. I became a liar on accident though.

Last week the change to Friday made sense all the way up until Friday then it didn’t. Sometimes that happens with plans.

If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal

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My goal is and will be to create a weekly interview podcast about things that interest me when the podcast gets published seems to be in a fluid state right now. As I type Monday afternoons are looking good for various reason however I am going to see what happens before I lie again.

In life we make goals some are big ones like graduate, get promoted, write a novel, have kids, volunteer, see the world. The goals will only happen if we have a plan though.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

antoine de saint-exupéry

Google, PayPal, and Apple have all made history as very successful companies and their business plans have all been changed throughout their history. The goals did not change but the plan to accomplish them did. Life will always throw you curve balls. The thing about curveballs is that you will need to adjust your swing and stance a little to get a good hit. The goal never changes if a strike is thrown you want to hit the ball well however, the plan to hit a curveball looks much differently than the one used to hit the fast ball.

Plans, people and life changes what matters most is that we love each other and work to help others and ourselves achieve our goals.

Write it down

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A few posts back I mentioned that I bought a Legend Planner. I get 0 dollars for this blog, no monetization at all but I am going to endorse this planner. The Legend Planner is a great tool for those of us who have amazing ideas and wonderful intentions. Big plans to get our lives together and set the world on fire. Dreams of grandeur will always be dreams until… you act on them and a very positive and good first act is to write them down.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

After you have written down the ideas and crafted a plan give yourself deadlines for the lead and lag goals. Planning is no ones favorite thing to do but without it life can become pretty wild. What goals have you accomplished without planning and before you come up with some please realize that others have planned for you. If you were going to say that you graduated high school or college without planning that is false. Academia is nothing but planning for students by admin and support staff. If you are going to mention promotions at work I would point again to the abundance of planning by the various departments at your work place. Nothing happens without some and often copious amounts of planning. Imagine how much more you will get done when you craft a plan. Planning also helps focus our minds and get a clearer picture of our capabilities

Finally give your goals and plans timelines.

A Goal Without A Timeline Is Just A Dream

Robert Herjavec

Chances are high that you will miss the deadlines however you will learn why when you take an assessment and adjust the plan and new deadlines. Life is an infinite game however we can exercise some control through planning and setting goals for ourselves good luck and God bless.