Change then change again then change again then …

Ok, Last week I mentioned that I was changing the day that I published my podcast. The change was going to be from Wednesdays to Fridays. Well if you are paying attention you will notice that the change did not happen. Friday came and went with no podcast. Why did this happen or happen? Obviously, I’m a liar, well that’s part of it. I became a liar on accident though.

Last week the change to Friday made sense all the way up until Friday then it didn’t. Sometimes that happens with plans.

If the plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal

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My goal is and will be to create a weekly interview podcast about things that interest me when the podcast gets published seems to be in a fluid state right now. As I type Monday afternoons are looking good for various reason however I am going to see what happens before I lie again.

In life we make goals some are big ones like graduate, get promoted, write a novel, have kids, volunteer, see the world. The goals will only happen if we have a plan though.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

antoine de saint-exupéry

Google, PayPal, and Apple have all made history as very successful companies and their business plans have all been changed throughout their history. The goals did not change but the plan to accomplish them did. Life will always throw you curve balls. The thing about curveballs is that you will need to adjust your swing and stance a little to get a good hit. The goal never changes if a strike is thrown you want to hit the ball well however, the plan to hit a curveball looks much differently than the one used to hit the fast ball.

Plans, people and life changes what matters most is that we love each other and work to help others and ourselves achieve our goals.

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