Why we…

Last week while going about my life I came across a post online from Simon Sinek. the post was a plug for his book, “Start with Why“. The book addresses two forms of leadership one through inspiration and the other through manipulation. Of course the book believes that inspiration is better. To Inspire followers you yourself must believe and communicate why you are doing something. The book was published in 2009 so I thought it was odd that the book was making its rounds now in 2022. Later last week I was working at a site and on the wall I saw a motivational banner up and the banner read “Its not the How that matters as much as it is the Why.”

I think maybe the universe is trying to send me a signal and I need to do some soul searching. Why am I doing or not doing what I have or am doing? What is the goal I have for work and life and why am I doing the things I am doing? That’s the questions I am going to focus on this week. Summer is starting and what better time to take stock and get inspired?

Life is tough and will get tougher. Life can feel like you are in a fight sometimes and in fights you get punched and kicked. When you are punched or kicked it is shocking and you have to reach deep down and find inner strength. Inner strength comes from knowing why you are fighting to begin with.

Once you know your Why You can survive almost any How


When there is a clear understanding of why you are doing something things that have to happen along the way will not change but they will seem smaller. There is almost nothing more impressive or powerful than inspired work. Do some soul searching and get inspired today.

Photo by Natasha Fernandez on Pexels.com

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