Change is ….

The Corrigan Encore podcast is moving its day of the week to Friday. I know what you are thinking. What the heck is the Corrigan Encore podcast? Well, since you thought it and I can read thoughts allow me to answer. The Corrigan Encore Podcast is a podcast starring me and Benjamin Palladino. Each week Ben and I talk about a subject and interview someone who is intimately familiar with and doing something interesting in this subject. Prior to this week Ben and I have “dropped” each podcast on Wednesday now that is changing to Friday. I have a list of boring reasons why but I just wanted to let you know about the change.

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Change can be scary, exciting, and fun all at the same time. In business there are resources and people that are dedicated to change, because change is a process and people need leadership through the change.

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Because change is so overwhelming often change is framed in ones mind as a negative thing. Many Psychologists suggest that we engage in Cognitive Reframing when we encounter things like change.

Cognitive Reframing is a technique in which one shifts their mindset to consider the positive results of every situation. Its a 5 dollar word group for “always look on the bright side”, and maybe a little more.

Cognitive Reframing is not just overt optimism it is a technique that changes ones point of view and allows us to see all sides of a situation more clearly. I know that the change from Wednesday to Friday is most likely not causing you much stress, especially since you have no idea what the Corrigan Encore Podcast is to begin with however some change maybe causing you some stress and I urge you to try out the cognitive reframing techniques and perhaps you will alleviate stress, gain insight, and grow.

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