Only 15 minutes

This morning I woke up late and threw off my entire routine. To be on time for work I had to cut my 30 minute work out down to 15 and I considered cancelling the workout altogether but, I decided that 15 was better than nothing.

When I worked in a factory there was a goal of continuous improvement. The process involved learning, sharing and implementing. The process was done on every shift by every team and it was self -perpetuating. The idea was to get just a little better every shift at the process always striving for perfection.

Get 1% better everyday

Chris Nikic

If you did get only 1% better everyday at the end of a year you would be 365% better than you were at the start. I love water, the ocean, streams, lakes cenotes, I am there. Water moves and over time erodes. The objects that water erodes become sediment and are moved. After very long periods of time water can and does change landscapes. Water is a visualization for just how alive our planet is and the idea that small things make huge changes.

You may not feel like you have much time and that with little time not much can be done, but 15 minutes adds up and it can change the landscape.

Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan on

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