Are you talking to yourself

We all do it, we have inner self talk. Self talk can be a positive thing and it can also be negative. It is important that we never allow self talk to become negative, the world is full of some pretty negative attitudes and people and we need to be able to find refugee in of all places our own minds. Most of us keep our self talk limited to an inner monologue however sometimes it can be helpful to engage in self talk out loud. Here is an interesting article outlining why out loud self talk is good. Basically talking out loud to oneself can help you move forward with your goals, and sharpen your focus.

I catch myself talking out loud and to myself, I also catch myself talking out loud to my dog too. Many computer programmers will talk to a rubber ducky when they are trying to work through some logic problems. Never let anyone talk you out of talking to yourself it is not strange.

On the subject of talking allow me to introduce my new pod cast.

Meet Sasha Episode 10 The Corrigan Encore

John interviews a comic book nerd
  1. Meet Sasha Episode 10
  2. Episode 9 or the episode where John meets a bear
  3. What has Bryan been doing or Episode 8
  4. Social Capital or Episode 7
  5. The Art episode or Episode 6

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