Sometimes it is for everyone

I took a class in computer programming. The class dealt with math done by the computer. We learned about mantissa, floating point, and exponents. It was math and it was hard.

In 1992 The Mattel corporation released a talking Barbie Doll that 270 phrases. One phrase was “Matt class is tough”. The corporation faced backlash from women’s groups and the doll was retooled so that the phrase Math class is tough was removed.

Photo by Tara Winstead on

Math is often tough, but a Childs toy that is meat to inspire children should not reinforce how hard a school subject is. One stereotype that is not well deserving is that women are not as good at math as men. The toy that is marketed for women helped reinforce that stereotype.

I think we should make it a point especially during women’s history month to erase and not promote any negative stereotypes about women.

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