It’s not just you anymore

I started a new job this week. I am now the network engineer for a local organization. The work is close to my house and the organization is an important one.

Throughout my career most of my work has been code development. Create an app, website I was your guy. I know how to manage and navigate on a computer network however, doing this professionally is new for me.

Being new to this experience I bought a book and just started reading through it today. In the books introduction the author mentions that a personal computer when hooked up to a network is no longer personal. Your computer is now a resource on the network.

Somedays I want to hide in my backyard away from the world but I can’t and neither can you. Love it or hate it humans are not personal. What we do effects everyone on the planet. We are all networked together, we share air, water and land.

It can be easy to forget this and act selfishly and without compassion but, the damage that acting this way has and continues to do is horrible.

I was watching the news this morning and saw that a gang in Haiti had kidnapped some missionaries and was demanding ransom. Immediately my mind wandered to the Chuck Norris Sheriff character getting justice and “cleaning” up Port Au Prince but see that’s not network thinking or solutions. Love it or hate it me you and the gang members are connected. A better place to venture would be the place I imagine the missionaries came from when they visited Haiti in the first place. A place of empathy, compassion and understanding .

Instead of destroying the network I should work to help all its members. Learn what compels the gang members to do harm and break the laws. Is the law of Haiti doing good or harm? Why are the gangs so influential? It’s not a quick

or easy fix compassion and love but, I think it might be the only fix.

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