Which way

I grew up on the looney tunes. I loved watching the animals that spoke and acted like humans. One of my favorite skits or troupes even was the one with the hound that chases a fix and actually asks the fox for directions.

When I started this blog I had planned on writing once every weekday and then life happened. It was a great plan but the universe laughed at me.

I haven’t posted to this blog in a week and it feels like I have left but I didn’t. I am still here and my plan hasn’t changed. I still plan to post once a day and will I just didn’t do that for the last week.

We should of course make plans but we should also be flexible

A flexible plan is paramount to being a happy healthy person.

If you run into some things that do not fit into your plan just realize that life is and should be messy and we should forgive ourselves for not sticking with our plans.

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