I was walking into an elementary school media center the other day and noticed a sign at the entrance it read “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” That visit was two days ago and the poster is still resonating for me. I absolutely love this poster.

Watching the news can make one feel despair. The anomalies make the news stories and the anomalies are not great. There is famine war and accelerated climate change however there is hope with change we will see peace, abundance and a healthy planet.

That change though will only happen if it happens. The phrase Nothing changes if nothing changes might be called an epizeuxis by some English professors. I almost failed English class so I could be totally wrong but I think right go ahead and google epizeuxis and see.

I am sure that you want peace, abundance and sunny and 70 days just like me but for this to happen. You and me have to change. plant a tree, show kindness, and share.

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