Too Fast

There was a rush as I pushed the pedal to the floor. I felt excitement followed by fear and then more excitement. I was definitely traveling faster than I should have been. The car was on the interstate but 95 was the number of the interstate not the speed limit.

Speeding killed 25 people a day in the United States of America during 2019. Driving to fast or speeding reduces the likelihood that the driver will react in time to something happening on the roadway. Speeding is selfish and reckless.

Speeding is also fun but I am convinced that speeding needs to happen in a safe and controlled environment, as safe as it can be. Racetracks or closed courses are safe because everyone there is going near the same very fast speed and there are barriers protecting pedestrians.

When you speed on a public street or road you are endangering yourself and those around you. Everyone should be traveling at the agreed upon speed and then traffic flows well. When you speed you are an anomaly causing problems for your neighbors.

The book Fahrenheit 451 was set in the future and it was a dystopian one. The writing by Ray Bradbury is amazing and if you haven’t you should read it if you have read it again . In Fahrenheit 451 the people travel at ultra fast speeds on the highway and the cars are described as dangerous and destructive.

When I catch myself speeding like this morning o think about the paradigm. Me speeding is selfish, I feel that where I need to be is more important than all my neighbors so much that I can break our contract and speed. Even though speeding may bring me to my destination quicker it will always result in a broken contract and often destruction and ultimately death for others and me.

Selfish acts when brought to fruition harm everyone to include the person that is committing the act. We do not live in a bubble and helping others is as the champ Muhammad Ali put it “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”

Simply not breaking the law and traveling the speed limit is a good start to being a decent person and considering others as equal to you.

Let’s start being good people through simple acts like following the laws.

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