The end is

My favorite movies are the back to the future trilogy movies. I love the 80s and early 90s. A movie that is slowly becoming my favorite is “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.

The major reason I am loving this movie has to be the colorful cast and the positive protagonist, Sonny Kapoor.

Sony is optimistic, when everyone else sees a failing hotel he sees a home for senior citizens. “You see? Profound satisfaction. Such is the inevitable result of a prolonged stay at the Marigold Hotel. To create a home for the elderly so wonderful that they will simply refuse to die. Stare death in the face and say… What are those men doing?

I love going on vacation. Exploring different places meeting new people it’s a true joy. Vacations are so much fun for me I wish everyday was a vacation.

I used to think I could only enjoy life while on vacation but then I realized just how satisfying the world we all love in can be and everyday is like Ava action for me. I try to meet someone knew and learn something new everyday. This gives me a deep satisfaction and often joy.

Life is weird if can feel long and short in the same day. Everyone thinks they want a happily ever after but the thing is that happily is not a destination or is a state of mind. You can be happy right now if you stop and appreciate the moment you are in.

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