Out of the storm

2008 – 2009 was a pretty tumultuous year for the financial world. The housing market bubble burst, many were homeless and jobless. The United Stats government had to step in and bailout the major banks with billions of dollars.

It was the beginning of the great recession. Since 1948 there have been 11 economic recessions. A recession is an era of economic decline A recession requires to consecutive quarters of decline if there is only one quarter of decline it is just a contraction. Most economies experience contractions and recessions.

Recessions are more notable in the history of an economy because, of the damage and unemployment that comes with recessions.

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Employment provides much for the employer. Through employment people find, a salary to use money to feed their family, health benefits (at least in the United States), purpose and social interactions. To loose in one fell swoop money, health benefits, purpose and social interactions is jarring and traumatic and I think this is why comparing a recession to a storm is apt. Recessions are bleak and can lead to depression, during most recessions suicide rates rise! How can we weather these storms.

It is possible to not only survive recessions but some have come out of recessions even stronger, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, iRobot, Airbnb, Slack, WhatsAp, Square, Uber, Instagram and Pinterest were all founded during recessions.

The recession storms are not good but, if you can find a way to get money, health benefits, social interactions and purpose outside of your workplace you may discover that, surviving or even thriving during a recession is more likely what happens.

Most people spend forty hours a week at work, and it can be tempting and easy to use work to develop our social structures. When this is done however we run the risk of the storm taking away everything. It can be exhausting but rewarding now and in the future. Building a robust and fulfilling social life is and should be a big part of our mental health. Brunch with friends and rotary meetings are more than just alcohol breakfast and gossip sessions they are mental health work outs.

Relax it’s a joke

Trevor Noah just recently stepped down as the host for the daily show. In the place of Trevor there have been some guest hosts and currently the most recent host is the comedian Sarah Silverman. I have been a huge Sarah Silverman fan since the 90’s. I love her stand up however many of the right wing news folks are not big fans of Sarah Silverman.

The daily show is an amazing program written using satire. A lot of comedians use satire. Satire is a tool that exposes and criticizes peoples stupidity, vices and hypocrisies. The right wing establishment has no shortage of stupid, evil or hypocritical people and policies.

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Here in the United States the Right wing political party is full of some pretty awful folks and policies. The right wing political party has an awful record especially when dealing with humans rights. If you are a human or a living being the right wing party in the United States probably will violate your rights within your lifetime.

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When we begin to find some major issues with a comedian who specializes in satire a growth minded person will look inward for answers. Why am I getting so offended by this satire? What stupidity, vice or hypocrisy has this person exposed?

Going inward. That’s the real work. The solutions are not outside of us. Get to know who you really are, because as you search for the hero within, you inevitably become one

Emma Tiebens