Relax it’s a joke

Trevor Noah just recently stepped down as the host for the daily show. In the place of Trevor there have been some guest hosts and currently the most recent host is the comedian Sarah Silverman. I have been a huge Sarah Silverman fan since the 90’s. I love her stand up however many of the right wing news folks are not big fans of Sarah Silverman.

The daily show is an amazing program written using satire. A lot of comedians use satire. Satire is a tool that exposes and criticizes peoples stupidity, vices and hypocrisies. The right wing establishment has no shortage of stupid, evil or hypocritical people and policies.

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Here in the United States the Right wing political party is full of some pretty awful folks and policies. The right wing political party has an awful record especially when dealing with humans rights. If you are a human or a living being the right wing party in the United States probably will violate your rights within your lifetime.

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When we begin to find some major issues with a comedian who specializes in satire a growth minded person will look inward for answers. Why am I getting so offended by this satire? What stupidity, vice or hypocrisy has this person exposed?

Going inward. That’s the real work. The solutions are not outside of us. Get to know who you really are, because as you search for the hero within, you inevitably become one

Emma Tiebens

We can’t even agree on this

In elementary school I was taught that, Polio was a deadly disease, that killed many and if you survived you usually ended up with a deformity. Then I was taught hat Jonas Salk discovered and deployed the world’s first Polio vaccination. I was taught that a vaccination delivered a vaccine and a vaccine was a “blueprint” of a disease and with that blueprint my bodies cells could learn and fight the disease.

I was in elementary school a long time ago, about 30 years ago. 30 Years passed and another pandemic faced the world. Covid 19. A vaccine was discovered and deployed, and there was a pocket of the United States that would not get vaccinated. 22% of the United States are unvaccinated from Covid 19.

There were 3 strains of polio and of the three 2 are eradicated and 1 is only present in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Pakistan and Afghanistan both face pockets of vaccine hesitancy. Currently there are three known strains of Covid 19 and they are all active. Polio vaccination rate in the United states is 92.5% right now. Polio vaccinations began in 1955 in the United States and the country was a little different then. Many believe that the reason Polio vaccines were more accepted than the Covid 19 vaccine was because the country as a whole had a deep respect for science.

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It is terrifying that the United States cannot agree on what should be basic science in an effort to save humanity. I am terrified because Covid 19 is one crisis of many that society will face and is facing. Humans are cooperative species and humans must cooperate with other humans in order to survive and thrive. If humans cannot cooperate enough to come to a 90%vaccination rate against Covid 19 what else will our species disagree on? Climate change, gun violence, the human rights of LGBTQ+, the human rights of people displaced from their country? Humans have to come together and form shared truths one of which is that vaccines are good for everyone and should be taken.

I see a bigger want and desire to come together in my childrens generation than mine so there is some hope for the future but I do not want to be part of the generation that could not even agree on the science of vaccination.