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Yesterdays wordle answer was fungi. This got me to thinking about how amazing trees are. Did you know that the trees use fungi to communicate with each other sort of like a world wide web? Scientists are calling it a wood wide web. There is an amazing article in the Smithsonian magazine all about some research into trees. I think the more we learn about trees the more we will respect them. I am a firm believer in the power of education. Education provides an understanding and respect for what we study.

If you ever begin to feel like you are becoming apathetic or even cynical educate yourself. Learn as much as you can about everything and you will discover that education is like a sympathy machine.

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family

Kofi Annan

One thing that seems to always be present in everything I have learned is that.. everything is connected and when those connections are broken society breaks down. Education informs, creates sympathy and connects us to each other. beings working together to learn more and become more, helping each other in person on line and in life. Just like the trees that send messages through the fungi humans do the same. We let others know about the changes in the weather and traffic patterns. We encourage each other and we learn from and about each other.

Imagine where society would be today if, we focused on connections through education opposed to division through polarization of beliefs.

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It is nice

Yesterday I got a card in the mail from my sister Ashley wishing me and the family a happy Easter this small gesture made me and the wife happy. It is amazing how far a small gesture can go sometimes!

Today is episode 4 day of the podcast.

In episode of 4 I interview a school psychologist and the conversation takes some turns, if you have time give it a listen. We talk about the task of teaching our children and I ask how can we help as parents and she mentions simply letting teachers know that they are appreciated goes a long way.

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I love this idea because it is something I can do. I will be front and center at my next local school board meeting and letting everyone know how much I appreciate the teachers.

I can also do this for you, if you comment on this post with your name county and state I will make sure that the public school teachers know that they are appreciated and I of course encourage you to do this independently.

Today is the start of Black History Month in the United States of America and I did not think it would be right to write about anything other than Black history.

The White House put out a great press release that outlines the what why and when of the month. Here is that release.

I worked in a factory in rural GA, during my tenure there I had associates who… had no filters or boundaries in the work place. One such induvial, whom was fired for cause, approached me about reparation’s for African Americans. He asked me what I thought about the idea of reparations taking place. I have learned to duck out when it comes to political conversations at work and with family however this associate would not really allow it, I simply let him know that I do not think there is enough capital in the world to make the sin of slavery go away but reoperations seems like a good start, and I was not equipped well enough to outline how a successful reparation’s plan would work. The associate was not a fan of my words and left in a huff.

Black History is American history and it is not all roses. Black culture has and does influence and shape the world. Black innovators have changed the way that the world does business, stores food, travels, and does math. Black educators have written books and taught others that will and are going on to be leaders in their fields. Black Americans have accomplished all this while their hands have been literally and figuratively tied.

There is nothing wrong with trying to live up to the American promise that All people are created and should be treated equally. Reparation’s maybe one vehicle to bring all races equal treatment and I am all for it. We cannot sweep slavery and systematic racisms under the rug. Our nation will never grow and prosper if we do not reconcile with our past and face the reality of our present.

There are still many practices in place that work hard to keep Black Americans from having the same experience as White Americans and that is wrong full stop. I will always support equality and never support anything that would work to bring about more inequality. There are leaders who are actively working to keep people from voting in elections within the United States. This work falls almost entirely on race lines. The leaders do not seem to want Black Americans to have access to vote and I will never support this. The leaders are not bold enough to say it but when I played basketball I was told to watch the players feet, that’s where they are moving. These leaders feet are moving towards keeping black neighborhoods away from polling booths, their feet move to block vote by mail, and close the few voting booths early. The list of moves is long and almost all racist.

I am positive that based on history Black Americans will make it through this current round of hate and racism, when they do I want to be on the right side of history. I want to be on the side that is just and good. What side do you want to be on? and what are you doing to make that happen?

Here are some ways to be on the right side.



Speak up



Happy Black History month everyone