It is nice

Yesterday I got a card in the mail from my sister Ashley wishing me and the family a happy Easter this small gesture made me and the wife happy. It is amazing how far a small gesture can go sometimes!

Today is episode 4 day of the podcast.

In episode of 4 I interview a school psychologist and the conversation takes some turns, if you have time give it a listen. We talk about the task of teaching our children and I ask how can we help as parents and she mentions simply letting teachers know that they are appreciated goes a long way.

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I love this idea because it is something I can do. I will be front and center at my next local school board meeting and letting everyone know how much I appreciate the teachers.

I can also do this for you, if you comment on this post with your name county and state I will make sure that the public school teachers know that they are appreciated and I of course encourage you to do this independently.

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