It wasn’t designed for that

As a software engineer I have been in meetings and watched users of software that I had written or modified use the software in a different way than it was intended to be used. This is common with any tool. Tools that are designed for one use then used for another can become a huge safety hazard, and can damage the tool. The job that is completed using the wrong tool may also be lower quality. So, even though it is done it is not best practice to use a tool for a task that was not intended for that tool.

Researchers say that 5 minute walks every half hour can counteract the health determinants associated with a sedentary lifestyle. The human body is meant to be physically active not sedent. An inactive lifestyle causing many health issues, physical health as well as mental health. Take time today and everyday to get up and get moving.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

Jim Rohn

It is tempting to try to separate mind, soul and body. It is this abstraction that some of us use to justify a sedentary lifestyle. We claim that we do not have time to focus on the body because we are working on our mind or soul but the body mind and soul are all connected and working on one while abandoning the other is foolish. Today get outside walk just take five minutes every half hour.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

John Muir

Science continues to research the human body and continues to discover that, the human body needs to be active and outdoor. Outdoor activity makes us happier and healthier and is needed so take a breath and a walk today.

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