What to do

I had and still have a list of New Years resolutions that i am still trying to achieve. I am however currently about a half a month behind schedule. I am having some trouble with starting this year.

Photo by Heart Rules on Pexels.com

Man on Fire a movie starring Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning was an amazing movie. Denzel was a bodyguard for Dakotas character and bonded with the young girl. The movie is a sweet action movie that is totally worth watching. Denzels character was the bodyguard and driver for the young girl and because he was the driver he had to pick up Dakota from her swim meet. Dakotas character was the strongest and fastest swimmer but she could not win her meet. She could not win a meet because she left the starting block late. Denzel worked with Dakota on “freeing herself” from the block and timing with the pistol. Working together enabled her to dominate at the next meet.

Problems getting started is no reason to quit. Everyone will probably experience problem getting started at one time or another and the answer is to acknowledge the issues and address them not to quit. January is half over but 2023 has just begun. Do not give up on your resolutions just because of a rocky start. I certainly do not plan on giving up on one single resolution.

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