Keep moving forward

The Earth, the earths sun, all the planets, all the stars basically everything is moving… Here is a pretty good article if you have time to geek out over how everything moves through space. Reading that article was a joy this morning, it is a really good article. The article mentions how it can feel like you are stationary but it is not at all that way you are in constant motion.

Life can become mundane, we wake up go to work come home, wash rinse and repeat. Getting stuck in a rut happens to all of us, here is an article that explains how to deal with that. That article is also a pretty good read honestly not as good as the one that describes movement of everything.

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So we are always moving and sometimes that movement can seem repetitive, this is why direction matters so much and knowing ourselves does as well. If you know who you are you will know what you need and then you can set up and move in the direction to get those needs. The direction to meet my needs is what I call forward.

You will always be moving so lets point ourselves towards happiness and contentment and joy and move forward

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