If you want it bad enough

I was recently in a coaches office and couldn’t help but notice some of the motivational posters on the wall. The poster was read desire in bright red letters and under the word desire it said “some people want it to happen…. some people wish it to happen… others make it happen”

This poster really resonates with me. I have some wants and desires so I meet the first two criteria now I want to meet the last. The last is truly the crux of it all. This is the most important point of desire getting it done or making it happen.

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com

Desire is the act of wanting something and it is important to gaining fulfillment however unfulfilled desire is often life. We will always desire something more, this is the desire paradox. Understanding desires can help with mitigating the damage that desire does when we try to “make it happen”. Ranking our desires helps too.

I wish for a healthy happy family more than a thriving business so I will choose to attend the childrens little league games over spending late nights in my office.

I think desires matter and everyone should have healthy desires and I hope they achieve them. I just hope that we do not loose sight of what will truly make us happy and that is honestly our relationships with friends and family.

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