Only for a Moment

My work takes me to different sites and the other day I was outside of an art room. On the wall leading to the art room there was a picture with a quote attributed to Banksy on it.

If you get tired learn to rest not quit


I don’t know the man but I know of the man Banksy. He is an amazing artist and a political activist in England. His film Exit Through the Gift Shop is a satire that really makes you question authenticity of the entire art market. His work highlights environmental disasters, siding with the powerful through inaction, the dichotomy between rich and poor, and much much more. Even in his anonymity Banksy is a voice heard by the youth mostly, that spurs that generation to take action.

There is an author Simon SInek and in one of his books “The Infinite Game“, he explains that much of life and business is indeed an infinite game with different rules, no time limit and the goal is to survive and flourish so there are really no winners.

Surviving, flourishing, and being the best person we can be can be tiring, it can be grueling and the desire to give up can be strong. Banksy has worked in anonymity since 1990. Thirty years and I am sure that he has wanted to quit. Most of Banksys work is street art or graffiti and illegal. I am sure that he gets tired of working in the shadows but maybe he knows how important his activism is and this pushes him forward maybe he knows how to as he so eloquently put it rest not quit.

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