We did it again

Today episode 2 of the Corrigan Encore dropped. Ben and I interviewed a supremely interesting person doing some awesome stuff in his local community, when you get the chance you should give it a listen. Here is a link to episode 2.

I had a blast doing the show with Ben and our guest. The show is really rough right now but I think Ben and I are starting to nail down a format that will make the show smoother for the listeners and I look forward to episode 3.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

This morning I woke up late and my schedule was/is all off, but that’s ok I am turning today around I am already making up for my lost time and if I can make an appointment in the afternoon my day will not be a complete wash.

Life gets busy and you can feel overwhelmed and always running late this is actually normal and can be dealt with. Take a deep breath with me make adjustments and get out there and seize this day!

Photo by Marlene Leppu00e4nen on Pexels.com

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