From this to That with a lot of fun

I helped my son Johnathan build a city with Legos. The city was a street, bridge, sky scrapers, a few cars, and some pedestrians. I am not sure how long it took but when we were finished I asked Johnathan if he wanted to destroy it and he replied yes. His brother Kyle would hear nothing of it and the city remained safe for another day.

I have a Lego bust of Boba Fett and it is awesome so far it has been built destroyed and rebuilt. That is what I love about Legos and life really. We call life a progression and we try to build on and learn from yesterday however everyday is really starting over and that makes it kind of exciting and fun .

Learning is certainly a progression however what we believe we are storing or keeping if it is not knowledge or experience is very replaceable.

When you put together Legos they can feel pretty permanent however they are not. It may take some coaxing but they will come apart and you can build over and over and over again.

Life can be tough and will get tougher but no matter what has happened I cant help but believe that you can build over and over and over again.

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