Back to one!

My wife is great at finding amazing dates. She has a knack for finding dates that are unique and a lot of fun. I think it was three years ago when she discovered that a film crew near our neighborhood was filming and looking for extras. I imagine that you can already tell what our date night was. You are correct, we were extras in a movie.

A movie set is weird, everyone has their role to play and only seems interested in that role. Movie scenes are not shot in sequential order and are often shot and reshot and reshot and reshot until the director gets the best shot or feels that they can piece together the best shot from all the shooting that has been done. Because of the desire to get the very best shot they can actors and extras are required to shot many scenes more than twice.

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The scene that my wife and I were in was a party seen at a house the scene in the movie could not have lasted more than five minutes but it was full of extras and took hours to film this scene. The movie was Ben & Ara it is a love story with two love interests that are diverse in culture, religion, and race. If you ever watch the movie and see the party scene I am the drunk that bumps into Ara.

Every time we needed to reshot the party scene the assistant director would shout “BACK TO ONE!” Everybody in the house would move back to the spot before shooting and do the scene all over again.

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Last night I was working on a project at the house I had made some huge progress and was feeling pretty good. I tried to build on that progress and broke what was working. Tonight when I get home from work I plan on starting the project all over again (because of yesterdays mistake).

We may discover that we have to go back to one sometimes or a lot of times and that is ok. As long as we have learned from shot 1 and 2 and 3 we are still making progress and in the end everything will be alright.

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