I grew up watching the tv shows Star Trek. In the show Star Trek the captain was an American Cowboy type. The captain was named James T. Kirk and he was always ready for a fight. The captained acted impetuously and was evened out by his commander S’chn T’gai Spock. Commander Spock was a Vulcan. The Vulcan species were governed only by logic. All decisions made by a Vulcan were the most logical ones possible with the information provided during the series we the audience learn that Spocks mother was human and father Vulcan, this allows for Spock to make some illogical yet practical solutions to save his captain and crew.

Life is full of decisions. Everyday we decide at least 35,000 decisions. That 35,000 comes from this article. Just thinking about that amount makes me tired. I have always assumed that I’ve always made the most logical decisions but this assumption is a bit of solipsism on my part. I have acted impetuously on way more than one occasion.

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I’ve always assumed that the most logical decision would be the correct one until recently. There are many examples where logical decisions provide some awful results. One example is the way that airlines are boarded. Some airlines use zones others board all at once and none of them get it right.

Are decisions today will lead us to actions and logic deals with theory and fact not actions. Practical decision making deals with action and practice. On the TV show Star Trek the combination of Spock and Kirk lead to practical thinking and decision making (as practical as a fiction series can portray).

At the end of the day it is important to realize that all decisions we make come from an emotional place. We should employ logic, emotion and practical reasoning and feel good about our choices. If you think you made a bad one don’t worry you have 34,999 chance today to make a better one.

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