What happens when it’s not there anymore?

Belief and hope go hand in hand.

I was working for a company as a janitor. I would clean floors every week night at the local grocery store. The employees were paid every two week. Every other Friday I received a paper check (it was a while ago and we didn’t use direct deposit). One Friday I went to work on the payday and there were no checks available. The manager did not know why and let all the employees know that we would vote to see if we worked that night or not.

Me and the rest of the employees worked everyday because we believed that we would get paid every other Friday. The believe was manifested through hope and the hope was bolstered through getting a check every other week. The week we didn’t get the check shook our faith and belief.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

The CEO visited the Monday after with payroll checks and spoke to the workforce in an effort to shore up the belief.

Sometimes things happen that can shake our belief in ourselves, religion, organization, fill in the blank. When this happens we need to “recharge” our faith. We should never loose faith in ourselves but we can and it does happen.

How do we fix it? We invest and support ourselves with positive work. Work on yourself. If you feel like you are loosing faith work on you. Take care of yourself and surround yourself with good people and things. You will only get your belief back through actions.

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