What we allow

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

My step son complained to my wife about his older sister. His sister had said something sideways about my step son, some insult from an older child to a younger one. My wife let the older child now that she should not insult her brother then, my wife let the younger child know that he was allowing his sister to live in his brain rent free. She let the boy know that he should not do this.

My wife is a wise woman and this advice was wisdom incarnate. It really was.

Not everyone will be your cheerleader or your supporter, it is a sad truth that there may come a time when someone is working against you. There maybe someone who is trying to hurt you and they may try to physically hurt you but more often you will find that they will try to psychologically, and mentally harm you.

If someone can live in your mind the damage they do there is far more impactful than physical damage. We may or may not have a choice about physical damage but we do have a choice about our mentality.

Be cautious today about who we allow to impact our minds.

“I will never let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” – Gandhi

We should never allow anyone to walk through our minds or live rent free in our minds if they are negative and trying to harm us. We should work to help those folks and give them positive enforcement and support.

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