Add in a P

Rhianna is an amazing artist, entrepreneur and mogul. She has grown her business at a meteoric rate and it has taken hard work, ambition, a god-like drive and some luck. Being god-like, specifically the omnipresent part, can be overwhelming. The Fenty empire is sprawling and has a lot of moving parts, makeup, clothes and tourism to name a few. Rhianna has been involved and worked in all of it.

You and I also having many parts in our mini empires our commonwealths if you will. But our common wealth’s have many moving parts to and we have to manage. Some of us are caretakers for people other than ourselves. Wake up, wake up loved ones, prepare for commute to work, answer emails, answer phone calls, do daily work, take care of the loved ones, commute home, cook dinner, clean, rinse repeat. Just typing the simple day gave me anxiety..

Mental health is health. I know it seems obvious but it isn’t always for us. We see and feel a broken arm and get that treated but sometimes life can be overwhelming. Just typing a few of the elements for a regular day made me feel overwhelmed. Always on, always overwhelmed can take a toll on our mental health and cause serious harm.

Rhianna puts a P in her calendar and takes that time for herself. Here, is a pretty good article about why and when she started doing this.

You cannot count on anyone else to take care of and know you like you will and do. Being self aware comes through quiet meditation and focus but once you reach this self awareness listen and take action before you harm yourself.

Put in that P and unwind. Go to the beach the park the mall, spend time by yourself or with loved ones. Once you know yourself you will be able to take care of yourself.

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