Known Unknown and Best Guesses

There is a podcast that I absolutely love. It is 99 percent invisible. When you get the chance you should definitely give the podcast a listen. Roman Mars is a great host and the staff has some amazing shows.

Me, my wife and kids love to visit museums… Ok ok me and my wife love to visit museums and of course my wife and I always read the plaque. The always read the plaque is a thing that Roman Mars encourages all his listeners to do. I have done this since I was a child. My wife and I have children from our first marriages we are a regular Brady Bunch one weekend we were at a revolutionary war fort and museum and my wife could tell that she was “loosing the crowd” so she had each child read a plaque out loud to the group around the fort on our ad hoc self lead group tour. It was moments like this that made me want to marry that woman (still shocked she said yes to this day).

Me, my wife and two step sons were at the Jacksonville Museum of Science and history and I was reading a plaque. In front of a skeleton, the skeleton was a skeleton of a whale. Honestly if I were to only see the skeleton of the whale I would have assumed that the whale was much smaller than it actually is. Whales are massive creatures and much of their mass is not in the skeletal structure.

The podcast 99 % invisible had a show that explained how the shape of dinosaurs has changed over the years. It was a great show and explained that with skeletons and fossils there is still some guesses that are made about the dinosaurs appearance and the guesses have changed or evolved with new evidence.

When you get the chance check out the podcast show it is worth listening too. I mentioned the podcast to my wife at the museum and I again thought about assumptions, best guesses and life.

Everyday we make decisions, some ae big and others are small but we have to use the information we have to make the gest guess. We are not always going to have the best information possible and over time we will get more accurate information and when presented with this information their is absolutely nothing wrong with changing our decisions.

Best guess

There are many people that have or are experiencing midlife career changes, and they can be scary and provide for a lot of anxiety however let me tell you that if you evaluated all the facts and made a change based on the facts than there is nothing wrong with that. As long as everything we do is done in a loving manner then you have not made the “wrong” decision.

What matters more than what we do is often how we do something. As a child I was often reminded of the words from 1 Corinthians 10:31 by my mother. “Johnny whatever you do you should do well for the glory of God”. I can still remember those words today and they help. I have done and still do work that seems menial, but I just recall my mothers words and that helps a lot.

So whatever choices you make today just remember that you can do it. Analyze evaluate and if needed correct course. In other words “Keep calm and make your best guesses”.

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