With these Tools

Most local auto parts stores have a program that allows the client to rent a tool. In 1885 Carl Benz created the worlds first automobile. Over the weekend I visited the Jacksonville FL museum of science and history. The museum is amazing and has a wonderful planetarium. If you are ever in the Jacksonville area you should certainly visit the museum I am sure you would not be disappointed.

The museum had an exhibit it was an exhibit that me and the family had seen before and one that will never grow old looking at. The exhibit was the works of Leonardo Da Vinci. It was recreations of Da Vinci’s diary actually. For my oldest sons birthday the diary was one of his gifts from me. In the creations there was of course an automobile. Well more like a spring powered carriage. Some historians would argue that this was the worlds first automobile. Ever since humanity traded travel by beast for automobile travel we have been living in a new world and have needed new tools to navigate it.

Automobiles, travel and repair is and continues to change and the tools to repair our vehicles change along with it. Some of the tools are special and can be quite expensive, so I have used the tool loaner program often.

I have heard someone say that, with the right tool a person can fix anything and I think that the statement is only a third true. With the right tool, work and time anything can be fixed. To have access to all the tools in the world is worthless if one does not use them or borrow and use them. That is the effort the use and then there is the time. Anything worth doing will take time and one must remain patient. There is a book called GRIT in which Angela Duckworth outlines what grit is and why we need it. Grit involves determination over time.

Today in life we will face a myriad of problems. Big ones small ones we have all kinds of issues that we have to deal with it and their all tools to help us with these issues. The biggest amongst them being knowledge. We have two kids in high school and I cannot encourage them enough to learn as much as they can everyday.

As adults our education should never stop. The maxim learn something new everyday is an important one. Knowledge is what we have learned or what we know. Wisdom is the effort and and use of this knowledge. Most of our knowledge is borrowed, through reading the works of brilliant minds like Leonardo Da Vinci we borrow the knowledge and then with wisdom folks like Benz use the tools to make machines that make a weeks journey possible to complete in a day.

No matter what you are facing no matter how hard it seems the tools are around you and often within you.

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