When perfect is the enemy

The president of the United States made an announcement. He announced that the rule prohibiting E15 gas was going to be lifted. This will provide some relief in the price of gasoline for travel, and do some minor damage to the environment.

Prior to the lifting of this rule gasoline in the United States had a 10% limit on Ethanol in the gasoline. Now with lifting the rule the gas can have up to 15%. The 15% causes more smog and that was why it was capped at 10%. Now the smog is concerning and the best solution for travel are renewable sources of power. In a perfect world gasoline would not be used at all however we live in an imperfect world and gasoline prices are high. The E 15 should reduce price by a dime a gallon and that is better for consumers.

The solution to change the gas mixture is by no means perfect however we must not let perfect be the enemy for good. Until renewable sources are plentiful and inexpensive this maybe the best solution for now.

We will most likely never reach perfect and sometime we will have to make bad decisions as good as we can. That is a tough balancing act and one that you will get better at with practice.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It takes all of Us

For as long as I can remember I have been a comic book fan. I love the stories, the art, the heroes and the villain’s. In a good comic book it all comes together for an enjoyable read. A real treat.

Most comic books feature a main protagonist, their name is usually plastered on the front of the magazine. The worlds our heroes protect and villain’s terrorize are mythical landscapes some are dystopian style and others are more balanced but in almost every comic book the villain is awful in their deeds. Some comic books have taken strides in humanizing their villains’ through back stories but still the actions of the villain’s are big. What the villains do gives the protagonist a mountain to climb and provides drama that propels the story forward. In the new comic book from DC Superman:Son of Kal-El. Jon Kent son of superman and Louis Lane does take on some real life villains like climate change, as well as a pretty bogus villain that was just introduced this month, and in the Marvel property The Black Panther, our heroes take on racism’s as well as the heinous villains. In the comic book Superman Lex Luthor the CEO of Lexcorp ran for and became president of the United States. Lex Luthor Divested from his company and made Talia Al Ghul the president of Lexcorp. Donald Trump never divested from his company while he was president, so the writers could not even imagine a world where someone would be as awful a president as Donald Trump was.

In the comic books good always wins, this is also true for the real world however in most comic books our protagonists defeat good on their own or with a partner, this is not how it works in the real world. To defeat evil or bad things we all have to work together. We can’t strap on a cap and eradicate diseases, poverty, climate change or crime.

Right now the world is experiencing a health pandemic with Covid 19. The last case of Polio in the United states was recorded in 1979. The scientists worked together with the doctors to craft a vaccination against Polio. The hospitals worked with communities to administer the vaccine and the citizens took the vaccine. Right now scientists and hospitals have done their part now it is time to step up and do ours. We have to get vaccinated. Herd immunity is essentially a myth. The mythical nature of herd immunity is being proven with the Delta variant of Covid 19. We have proof in nations that have not embraced the Polio vaccine like the United States that without a majority of citizens doing the right thing through vaccination we will never beat this villain. Afghanistan and Pakistan have been vaccine hesitant with the Polio vaccine and Polio still exists there unfortunately it seems that the children suffer the most.

There was just another story this morning on the news about a healthy college student Freshman that would not get vaccinated who died from Covid 19. If you love your children, grandchildren, family and neighbors it seems like you would jump at the chance to be a hero.

If you have already been vaccinated I salute you and thank you for doing your part you are a hero. If you haven’t been vaccinated I implore you to be brave. Joshua 1:9 Tells us to be brave and of good courage. Roll up your selves and get the jab.

This link will give you more information on where and how to get vaccinated.


Its free and pretty quick. It is a small step for man but a leap for humanity. Be a hero get vaccinated