When perfect is the enemy

The president of the United States made an announcement. He announced that the rule prohibiting E15 gas was going to be lifted. This will provide some relief in the price of gasoline for travel, and do some minor damage to the environment.

Prior to the lifting of this rule gasoline in the United States had a 10% limit on Ethanol in the gasoline. Now with lifting the rule the gas can have up to 15%. The 15% causes more smog and that was why it was capped at 10%. Now the smog is concerning and the best solution for travel are renewable sources of power. In a perfect world gasoline would not be used at all however we live in an imperfect world and gasoline prices are high. The E 15 should reduce price by a dime a gallon and that is better for consumers.

The solution to change the gas mixture is by no means perfect however we must not let perfect be the enemy for good. Until renewable sources are plentiful and inexpensive this maybe the best solution for now.

We will most likely never reach perfect and sometime we will have to make bad decisions as good as we can. That is a tough balancing act and one that you will get better at with practice.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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