This weekend I just finished watching the season finale of the most recent season of The Expanse. The Expanse is a sci fi show on Amazon Prime. The show follows the crew of a space craft as they navigate through discovery and a political minefield set in the future. I am a huge fan of space. I love watching and reading about how humanity has been to and is going to space. Rocket travel huge when it comes to getting to space. Rockets provide the velocity to send objects up and out of the earths atmosphere.

Liquid Oxygen is one of the fuels of choice for rocket launching. If the oxygen that has become hot it needs to vent.

If the rocket does not vent it can explode and cause catastrophic damage to the rocket and crew or payload the rocket is sending.

People are the same as rockets, we need to vent sometimes. If we just take all the emotion dumped on us from the world we may explode (especially the negative emotion).

Everyone vents out the unneeded, some call toxic emotions it is how, when, and how long that seems to make a huge difference.

It can be very tempting to vent to good listeners every time we see them, this should probably be avoided. No one wants to be a “buzz kill”. Our relationships are defined by our interactions and even though venting is needed it is also toxic. If we are always venting to that good listener we have inadvertently created a toxic relationship.

Venting takes place before a launch. If you find yourself constantly venting about the same situation and make no changes then you are not really venting in the sense of venting to create action and this is also toxic. There is a fine line between venting and wallowing in something toxic.

Wallowing is when you roll around and relax in something. The last thing we want to do is roll around and relax in negativity.

The trick is to be like a rocket, vent and rise above toxic situations and negative emotions. You can accomplish so much when this happens.