Make it count

It is January 2nd 2023 here on the east coast of the United States of America. Happy New Years!!

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I have asked a few people now tow questions. Did you make new year’s resolutions and if so what are they? My wife wants us to travel more (loved that answer). Others want to get in better shape and many do not make resolutions. When someone tells me that I always ask why and the answers seem to fall intoone of two categories.

The first category is one of resolve versus pragmatism. Those folks understand that they may want to change but will not change. In this case I would argue that the want is not sufficient and perhaps a good resolution this year would be to find motivation. Last year I heard some many people speak about the why. There was a book written by Simon Sinek in 2011 titled “Start with The Why”. The book is for leaders and deals with inspiring the culture of the work place were that leader works. For anyone who lacks motivation I encourage you to look into the works of Simon Sinek as well Eric Thomas and Les Brown. These guys can help get you motivated, some of the biggest fires in the world were started with the smallest sparks.

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The second category one of significance of the date Jan 1st. The argument is that Jan 1st is just another day. I find this argument a little more interesting than the prior one however at it’s heart it is also a matter of motivation. I was very young when I first read and was confused by the phrase;”today is the first day of the rest of your life.” Really confused.. My birthday was the first day of my life, not today however the rest of my life was something new and different. After sorting out what that meant I felt empowered. The silly turn of phrase empowered me and gave me hope. Everyday I was able to look at it as a new slate carrying forward my knowledge but also looking towards new accomplishments. That phrase put me in the mindset of growth.The growth mindset is one in which we make our seconds, minutes hours and days count. The days are not arbitrary and meaningless if we use them. Days spend building bonds with family and friends become meaningful and future loving memories. Days that are spent learning and building are days that bring reward and satisfaction.

If you haven’t already make those resolutions and if you have hold your head up hgh because this year 2023 will be an awesome one for you!!

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