It’s that time of the year

I love sharing on this blog.I really do. I am not the best writer in the world and this post gives me some much needed exercise. It is good to be consistent and reliable and I try to write at least one post on every workday however it is also important to take some time off.

Time off is good for rest and recovery. Here in the United States there seems to be a large amount of our citizens that are workaholics. Did you know that average worker in the United States works 1 767 hours a year? Now the rest of the world averages 1 687 hours. What is 100 hours? That is almost 2 and a half work weeks. What is 2 1/2 work weeks? that’s two on week vacations and one half a week vacation a year. Or two one week vacations and some days off for health.

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Vacations give us time to increase mindfulness, heart health and reduce our stress. It is important to take vacations, and we all should do it. That being said I am taking a break from this blog.

Again I love posting here everyday but I will not be posting here until the new year 2023 baby!! I may do some reposts though. WordPress is full of some amazing talent and that needs to be shared. (we will see about the reposts)

Thanks for all the likes, the comments and the shares this year. I love people, espically amazing ones like all the people who read comment like and share this blog.

Happy holidays everyone. I will see you next year!!

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