A Little Dark

Dan Weiden passed away Friday at the age of 77. Who is Dan Weiden? Dan Weiden was an ad executive and he came up with the Nike slogan “Just do It”. Nike was not going to use a tagline and told the ad company that Weiden worked for that they did not use slogans. Weiden insisted that they at least try the slogan for the campaign. He said that the images were to disconnected and asked Nike to try the tag line (not slogan), the rest is history… Well sort of

Dan wieden lets the world now in an interview where he got the idea for Just do it.


DAN WIEDEN: And the firing squad was there. And before they put the sack over his head, they asked him if he had any last words, and he said, you know, let’s do it. I remember when I read that, I was like, that’s amazing. I mean, how do you, in the face of that much uncertainty, do you push through that? And so I didn’t like the let’s thing. You know, I just changed that because otherwise I’d have to give him credit. Now I don’t really have to, so…

Gary Gilmore was the inmate who told the firing squad “let’s do it”. Let’s or just do it is an action statement and life is all about action. Granted the action taken after Gilmore said those words was death it is still kind of empowering hearing the charge Just do it or let’s do it. We made the plans, bought the gear, arrived in the place now what? Do it! Get it done! Make it happen! I feel empowered as I type. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Just do it or lets do it doesn’t ask for permission, doesn’t assume you can’t it just is and that is truly the nature of living isn’t it?

Whatever you need or want to do today my advice is DO IT!

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