Be ready

I like to listen to Apple Music radio on my way to and from work. My wife got me hooked on Apple Music and Apple Music radio is incredible. The playlists are curated by some pretty incredible DJ’s no algorithms and between the tracks you get to hear some incredible stories.

One of the shows that I really enjoy on the radio is Huey’s 80s Radio. The host of Huey’s 80s Radio is Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News. I tried to explain to my oldest son who Huey Lewis is. It took a while but he remembered Back to the Future and then the song “Power of Love”. Huey explained the story of Tracy Chapmans “Fast Car” performance at Wembley Stadium. The story goes (according to Huey) that, Tracy was at the concert with a group including Stevie Wonder and she had just finished her set. Tracy sat back ready to enjoy the rest of the concert when she was told that Stevie couldn’t perform and she was asked to go back on stage. She performed acoustically, the song Fast Car. The crowd loved it!

I love the song Fast Car. The song tells an amazing story if you listen to it and that is certainly a blog post for another day. The story behind her Wembley performance though, told by Huey Lewis, is also amazing. Being ready to do something and then stepping up and actually doing it makes all the difference in the world.

When you have an opportunity to help others I encourage you to step up to the plate and swing for the fences.

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