My Cousin and that drawing

My cousin Larry and I were younger and at our grandmothers house. I was sitting on the couch and Larry was sitting in a chair. Larry reached into his back pack and pulled out a sketchbook. I asked Larry what he was doing and he told me that he was drawing a character that he had created in his DND campaign. If this were a movie or dramatization of my life there would be a montage in which I would be plunged into the Dungeons and Dragons world but it is not a movie.

Photo by Craig Adderley on

I still have never played the Dungeons and Dragons game but I have a lot of respect for fantasy role playing gamers. The imagination is used with the table top game rules and that is impressive.

The importance of imagination is almost a fact amongst psychological professionals. Without active imaginations life can and is hard. We individually and collectively will be faced with situations that require imaginative responses. In the 90’s and 80’s the dungeons and dragons scene was counter culture and some of the main stream thought it a little weird but today we see how the main stream needs the imagination and people who played dungeons and dragons more than ever.

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