Take Care

When my children were younger I watched the movie Nims Island with them. I really enjoyed this movie. The plot is that Nim lives on an island with her father and the animals. Nims father has to leave the island and a storm keeps him from getting back home, so Nim or communicating with Nim. Nim reaches out to her childhood hero an author to come to her and her fathers rescue on the island.

When Nims father leaves the island he lets her know that he will be back shortly and that she should take care of herself and the island.

We take care of our island, Nim,
our island's gonna take care of us.
Nims father Island of Nim

2050 is the year that more than one third of the plants and animals now living will face extinction if Humans do not change their ways. Humans have not taken care of our island the big blue dot. Earth is an incredible planet the only one like it in our solar system and Humans alone seem to be hell bent on destroying it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Humanities worst enemy has been and will continue to be humanity. Instead of working together to live better lives humans draw imaginary lines on the earth and then kill each other when one someone from the other side of the imaginary line crosses over.

Instead of working together to live better lives humans find traits that are insignificant like race to divide the species and then kill each other.

Instead of working in harmony with the earth, humans destroy the land to produce food that is slowing killing them and then kill the animals to produce food that is slowly killing them.

There is a blueprint for a successful species and it involves harmony. Harmony within the species and the habitat that it inhabits.

If we take care of each other others will take care of us, if we take care of earth earth will take care of us. If we do not take care at all then no care will be given and by 2050 the earth will be a very terrible place.

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