Your dreams are…

What are your dreams? Dreams can be thoughts and imagines in our minds when we are asleep, and or, cherished aspirations, ambitions or ideas. In Max Barry’s book syrup the protagonist mentions that every adult has at least 3 million dollar ideas a year. A million dollars is truly life changing. Their idea is a dream. Only five percent of the United States is inhabited by millionaires. What happened to all the ideas or dreams?

Some people pursued and reached their dreams, some pursued and failed and others didn’t even start. Why not start? Lots of reasons, no opportunity, bad timing, and worst of all, lack of faith.

I encourage everyone to try and fail. You will have the experience and maybe when you try you will not fail and then you will have the money. Try often too, the analysis of experience is the best teacher. You may do something bigger than earn a million dollars your idea or dream could change the world.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream

Eleanor Roosevelt
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