Who are you mad at?

Last year my niece told me that her favorite song was “I’m mad at Disney” by Salem Ilese. We were at the pool and I almost fell out of the chair. This is a seven year old who owns all the princess dresses. Then I listened to the song and me the tow of us did a Tik Tok Video with her dancing to the song.

The song “I’m mad at Disney” is very catchy and the singer has a beautiful voice. The lyrics are not profound but they touch on a topic that I call growing up. When I was seven, eight, nine, ten all the way to basically high school, I was being raised on a diet of pop culture that included John Hughes movies, Comic books, GI Joe and Double Dare.

Photo by Leah Kelley on Pexels.com

In the song “I’m Mad at Disney” the singer mentions how life is not really a fairy tale and life and love is messy. Salem and my niece are right kind of. Life and love are messy and most fairy tales are clean but, life and love are hopeful and fun and can be full of joy just like a fairy tale.

I like watching plays with little kids in them. Sometimes the kids come out know all their lines and crush it and sometimes the kids come out know none of their lines fall all over the set and still crush it. How can this be? How can the kid get up there forget their lines and stumble around and still crush it? Because, love. With an audience full of loving and supportive family and friends no one ever fails. Life is kind of the same way. If you are loving and surround yourself with loving people than you haven’t ever really failed and your life is like a fairy tale just a messy more real one.

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