What do you think?

I have some ideas… I have been told by many people that the ideas are crazy and not practical. “That will never work, it’s a pipe dream, there is a reason it is done this way or that way, don’t reinvent the wheel”. I have heard all of the reasons people have for not pursuing my ideas. All the thoughts that have been given to me have been code for no. People saying don’t do it for some reason or another and I am ashamed to admit it but I have often listened to these people. As I got older I have caught myself on more than one occasion being one of those people. The person who tells someone no.

Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.

Eleanor Roosevelt

There was a movie called “Envy” it starred Jack Black and Ben Stiller. The two characters were neighbors. The neighbors worked together and carpooled together. Jack Blacks character always had ideas for new inventions and offered the ideas and investment opportunities to Ben Stillers character. Ben Stilllers character refused and Jack Black got wealthy from one of the ideas.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

If it is your dream or idea you are the one who must bring it to fruition and you are the one who needs to believe in yourself and say yes. Asking for advice is good and giving advice is also good however I truly believe that the saying “there are no bad ideas” is and should be true.

I wonder how many life altering, universe shaking ideas were shot down by well intentioned friends and families? Let’s lift ourselves and each other up. The world needs it more than ever.

Out of the Fire

Charlie Puth is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and has some number one hits under his belt. Charlie is getting ready to release his third album and there has been some chatter about it. Most of the chatter is from Charlie himself on intsagram and Tik Tok.

Charlie admits that he was trying to please others with his previous work and that he is done doing that. He is writing songs that resonate with him. Charlie is getting real. A video that Charlie released shows him getting emotional when he talks about a single on the upcoming album. The single is “That’s Hilarious” and it deals with a relationship breakup that broke Charlies heart.

Life is going to hand us circumstances that will break our hearts. Sometimes we will retreat and become someone we are not to our family, friends and strangers. We become a different person a guarded person to “protect” our hearts. Two big things here; 1. If you are lucky enough to know who you are you should never not be that person! There are a lot of people figuring out who they are. 2. You can never protect your heart no matter how guarded you are. Your heart will be broken again and again. The best thing we can do is grieve pick up he pieces and live our lives as the best us we can be. For Charlie it seems like he is really into writing and singing songs… Who and what are you? It can be more than one thing too. There are people who are parents and ceos, janitors and master carpenters, computer programmers and guitar shredders.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

Don’t ever stop being the best you!