The small things

I can remember watching a great sci -fi series called The Fringe on TV. The series protagonist was the son a scientist and played by Joshua Jackson. The unit that the scientist, his son and an FBI agent were part of investigated cases that happened on the fringes of reality. The show lasted for five seasons it was created by JJ Abrams and was a blast to watch.

One of the story arcs of the show had the protagonist traveling into another dimension. Parallel dimensions are explained brilliantly by Neil Degrasse Tyson in this video. Basically (very basic indeed for sure watch the video by Neil Degrasse Tyson) if you imagine everything you know to be reality the earth, the solar system, the galaxies the super clusters all of that has a copy that exists in a different plane if you can imagine a stack of plates our existence is in one plate and other existences are in the other plates. Switch out existence with dimension and you have parallel dimensions. You are in all these dimensions but somethings are different.

In the TV show The Fringe the dimension that he show traveled between had coffee but it was incredibly expensive. Coffee seems small and inconsequential but it is truly a blessing for me. I enjoy every drop of coffee and sometimes I can (insert gasp here) take it for granted, until I purchase some gas station coffee then I realize how good my coffee at home is and I fully appreciate good coffee again.

Life can get complicated, messy and busy, so much so that we take things like coffee for granted.. Don’t do that, gratitude is inarguably good an good for you. Gratitude makes you happier and healthier and it is free!

If you feel like you need something to be grateful for find a cup of coffee (not from the gas station) and take a sip. If coffee doesn’t work look in the mirror. You are very special. The odds of you being born are 1 in 400 trillion! You really are special everyone really is and no matter what that agro a$@hole says you deserve a trophy. Be grateful that you are you and here on earth.

What we all deserve

I am a little bit of a sports fan. I like watching competition and participating in it. That’s why in 2015 there was a story that caught my attention on ESPN. Here is a link to the story.

In short a linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers took his sons trophies away from them because they were “participation” trophies and in his on words unearned. In fairness to the linebacker I want to mention that he gave the trophies back and by almost everyone who knows him is a really fun and great dad.

The idea of earning or deserving has always bugged me, like a lot! I truly do not think any one has earned anything. The more I consider what it means to earn. One definition of Earn is “gain deservedly in return for one’s behavior or achievements”.

The biggest thing that bugs me about the concept of earn or deserve is that it implies that someone did something in a vacuum and no one has ever done anything in a vacuum. The myth of self made is toxic and a poison that has been and is being feed to us and our children. Bottom line is that no one ever gets what they deserve and everyone is being helped by someone somewhere at all times.

Take the trophies be kind, grateful, compassionate, loving and competitive beings who understands that no one is better than or worse than anyone else.

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