Public means everyone

Today in the United States the Supreme Court will hear a case. The case pitts Lorie Smith against the state of Colorado. Lorie Smith owns a website design company. Lorie Smith has decided to deny service to anyone wanting a wedding site that is for a hoomosexual marriage. Throughout the history of the United States Homosexuals have been discriminated against by the majority of the United States population. Because of this discrimination the state of Colorado has made Homosexuals a protected class. Because of the protected class status. Lorie smiths discrimination is illegal. Lorrie Smith wants to be able to discriminate against weddings of Homosexuals though and that is why the case is being heard today.

Something that struck me right away about this case is the concept that everyone matters and when everyone cannot find a compromise we should reconsider our beliefs and actions. Lorie Smith feels that marriage should be between a man and a woman and that is it no budging.

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How can we move forward together when we cannot compromise on something as small as service to our fellow humans? That’s a question that I honestly do not have an answer for, I have seen racism come and go and I have seen racists who will not budge get left behind by society, I fear this will be the case for Lorie Smith and her web design company.

“the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” 

Martin Luther King Jr.

Change and progress happen, often the change takes a long time but it does happen. As a species we have evolved and I have to believe that in the future as a species we will evolve beyond the discrimination like that of Lorie Smith. I am hopeful however that our species evolution can include not only the aggregate but also the individuals.

Its ok to be gay

It is the 8th day of Pride month in 2022. Pride month is, an month long celebration of the LGBTQ community, a celebration and remembrance of the Stonewall riots which occurred at the end of June 1969.

Right now as the nation celebrates Pride month there are representatives that have and are working to pass legislation that will make it impossible for students to discuss or learn about families from the LGBTQ community. The term for the laws is “Don’t Say Gay” laws.

These “Don’t say gay Laws” are discriminatory hateful laws made with with the intention of teaching children that LGBTQ families are not as important or legitimate as other families and that is shameful.

There was a graduate at the Pineview public school in Florida who was chosen to speak for his graduating class. The speaker was the class president and because of the hateful inhumane legislation passed in Florida the speaker was told that he could not mention his experience as being a gay student. When we prevent someone from expressing themselves in a polite non profane manner a message is sent and that is that that person is not welcome. Many people feel this way about the LGBTQ+ community.

People will say things like “I am fine with everyone but I don’t want to see two people of the same sex kissing”. They are lying to you and themselves. Instead of the lawmakers addressing their own bias and hate they are redirecting this hate to our children.

Kids that are not part of the LGBTQ+ community will not learn tolerance through and quite the opposite they will learn that it is not ok to be gay. I have to tell you this. IT IS OK TO BE GAY.

LGBTQ+ children need to learn this at home, and at school. Life is tough especially if you are part of a minority and the last things our children need is for the law to make their lives tougher.

Let’s make sure that we teach all children that it is ok to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex or straight. Let’s focus on teaching our children that every family that is rooted in love matters.

How to be…

Today is June 2nd and it is the second day of Pride month in the United States of America. Pride month is, an month long celebration of the LGBTQ community, a celebration and remembrance of the Stonewall riots which occurred at the end of June 1969.

The Stonewall Inn was a gay club and the New York City police had made it a habit to raid and arrest people in the gay clubs in New York City. On June 28, 1969 during a police raid at the Stonewall Inn, patrons were tired of the abuse of the officers and had enough. A riot started. The riot lasted until 4 in the morning and their were days of demonstrations and protests that followed. It looked like most of the neighborhood was tired of the way the police and government treated their friends and neighbors. No one should be treated poorly because of their sexual orientation. The New York city police department issued a formal apology to the gay community in 2019 for targeting the gay community.

The protests and demonstrations demanding equal rights and respect for people in the gay community seem to have worked and are still working. The protests and demonstrations are not full of people who are gay, they are diverse and have people who are sys gender as well as gay. Being at a protest listening , learning, donating this is all the actions of an ally.

This month to celebrate Pride one of the greatest things you and I can do is be an ally.