There is always room

My youngest in now in college but I can remember when she was in elementary school and we had just finished eating a pretty big meal. I mentioned that I was “completely stuffed” and wouldn’t even dream of eating anymore. My youngest made a similar comment, later however after seeing an advertisement for ice cream voiced that she wanted ice cream now. I asked her how this could be possible and she replied that, there is always room for ice cream. My wife also let me know that food and ice cream do not stay in the same place in your stomach. We laughed and somehow ate ice cream together.

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There have been times when I felt so exhausted and tired and still had to find a way to work and I did many have. How do we do it? How can we go on when we are “done”? Everyone is motivated by different stimuli. I have seen office workers who keep photos of loved ones at their work space as motivation for enduring, I have also seen photos of dream house and cars in the same spaces.

Whatever inspires us one thing is universal we can all find more space for going on, there is always room for ice cream.