Diversity Matters

“I am just not a fan of diversity for diversity sake.” I was floored when I heard the words from someone who I didn’t think was racist until they made that statement. Diversity is part of what makes any organization thrive grow and function optimally. The world is big and robust and we should always be leaning as much as we can about all parts of the world. A diverse workplace makes this learning possible.

“You not only have a right to be an individual. You have a responsibility.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Diversity relies on two types of respect. 1. respect for others 2. respect for yourself. My hope is that we are all brave enough to live our truths and let others live theirs.

Respectfully be yourself today and everyday

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Baseball wasn’t fun till

Baseball wasn’t fun till Jackie Robinson played. Jackie Robinson was the first Black American to play baseball in the MLB in the United States. Jackie Robinson was an all star and did make the game of baseball more fun to watch and play. Jackie Robinsons struggle with racist people was real and harrowing. He and his family endured what no one should and there story was not particular for their family. Many Black Americans endured this racism in America at the time and still do today.

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Diversity is important, necessary and lacking in almost all parts of society. Racial and cultural diversity make everything better. To think that anyone would argue against diversity seems like lunacy however I watched the leadership in the United States argue against diversity on the United States Supreme court.

Roger Wicker, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham are just a few leaders who demonstrated racism by fighting against and lying about the Supreme court justice Kentanji Brown Jackson. Racisim is an ugly stain in the The United States of America and it stands in the way of diversity.

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Without diversity a home, neighborhood, nation, world, and eco system will collapse. When you stand among the racists and commit hateful acts you destroy not only the ones you are commiting hateful acts toward but you also destroy yourself.

Love always wins.