My 2nd best friend

If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?

Storm is my second best friend. My first best friend is my wife Shanna and I fear that i do not spend enough time with either of them.

Dogs are odd in that it is hard for me to relate to another species. Humans I can relate to because I am a human and basically all humans want and need the same. The humans needs are physiological (food and clothing), safety (job security), love and belonging needs (friendship), esteem, and self-actualization.Does Maslow’s hierarchy of needs apply to dogs? If it did that would be great! I could make sure that Storm gets everything he needs and reaches self-actualization. My dog would be the best dog he could be. Going down the rabbit hole of Maslow’s hierarchy for dogs and cats was kind of fun (really it was, go ahead google it and see what you get). The animal experts are divided on this but the common ground that all seem to reach is that, animals do have needs and one big need is social. As a matter of fact in Switzerland there is new legislation concerning dogs and their socialization. Dog owners are obligated under federal law to provide their pets with social needs.

Storm loves to walk and he loves to smell, He loves to smell everything! Fire hydrant that he walked past and smelled yesterday he will smell today for about 45 seconds.

Having a pet is a lot like having a child. It can be difficult to take care of a child and as parents we dedicate our lives to taking care of the children and sometimes we fall short. No living creature should go hungry but many do. No living creature should feel unsafe but many do. No living creature should feel out of place or unwanted and unneeded but many do. I know it is selfish but if I could make my pet understand one thing it would be that, I love him and I am trying my best to make sure he reaches the top of Maslow’s pyramid.