Apple Music does not disappoint

This morning on my way into work while listening to I found out that the movie 8 Mile was released 20 years ago and the rapper eminem was awarded an oscar for his song Loose Yourself

The most interesting thig I found out this morning was that Eminem wrote the Oscar winning song Loose Yourself while in his trailer between filming the movie 8 Mile.

The movie was going to use the song Cleaning out my Closet for the soundtrack but Eminem wanted a new song and he wrote and performed that song. Creators create it maybe in their spare time while working full time jobs but they create.

In the city I live in there is an art collective and most of the members of the collective have full time jobs, that being said when you see the body and quality of work the members of the collective put out you cannot help but be impressed.

“Struggle for your art. Die for your art. But you can never give up on your art!”

Avijeet Das
Photo by Mark Angelo Sampan on

Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.”

Louis Armstrong

I had planned on writing about how people et lucky and find their passions but I think that its more than finding passion. it seems that when something is important people make time for it. If you are like me you have a list of things you would like to get done. Why not take time today to evaluate the list and see what matters the most and do that one thing? You may have to do this after work and in-between responsibilities but you may have n Oscar award winning catchy as hell rap song when you finally finish!

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