Happy Birthday Bootsy

Today is Bootsy Collins Birthday. Bootsy Collins was the Bassist for James brown and The Parliament-Funkadelic. Bootsy Collins is incredibly talented and a hard worker in the music community. The man hasn’t stopped making an incredible impact on music since the 60’s.

Today he no longer plays the bass in concert because of doctors orders but he still teaches musicians how to play the bass through a school he founded.

The goal for many workers is retirement but when you are doing something you are passionate about I don’t think many ever really retire. They continue to work in their passion and help others.

The major problem I see is that there are many folks out there not working in their passions. We have to pay bills and taxes and often our passions do not provide bill and tax money.

My hope is that everyone gets the chance to engage in their passions more often. I think if everyone was doing what they love for a living than living would be that much better.

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